UTMB Faculty Senate

November 18, 2013



I.           The meeting was called to order at 4:32 pm by Dr. Lisa Cain, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.        The Approval of the October 14, 2013 minutes.  The minutes of October 14, 2013, were voted on and approved by email on October 24, 2013.


III.        Provost, VP and Dean’s Report

              Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean, School of Medicine – report provided by Dr. Jacobs.

·       Dr. Jacobs asked the Senators if they would like to have the Provost/Dean’s Report before the meeting and they indicated that this would be a good idea.

·       Dr. Jacobs stated if invited to present, he would like to talk about International travel and location for a faculty lounge/general meeting area.

              VP and Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report submitted by Dr. Niesel.

              VP for Education and Dean, School of Nursing – reports provided by Dr. Watson.

              VP and Dean, School of Health Professions – report provided by Dr. Protas.


IV.     State Employee Charitable Campaign – Dr. Pamela Watson, Chair 2013 SECC

·       Dr. Watson provided a handout and stated that we are halfway to our goal and the deadline is November 30th.  She also indicated that if anyone wanted to give to the Typhoon Haiyan recovery, that several charities that are SECC agencies. 


V.      Role as Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs – Dr. Anish Bhardwaj, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology and Assistant Dean, Office of Faculty Affairs

                   Dr. Bhardwaj announced that he has been at UTMB for three months and he indicated that he is meeting next week with two members from all schools, AMT, ARM and the Faculty Senate to discuss common goals and mentoring and the formulation of the           Office of Faculty Affairs.  Dr. Bhardwaj presented a PowerPoint presentation.  Listed below are some highlights from his presentation: 

·       Areas of Focus

         Academic Reviews

         Faculty Development

         Faculty Evaluation

         Other:  Manage the process of elections to SOM committees and Faculty Senate Attend monthly Faculty Senate meetings

                      Contribute to accreditation process within the SOM and UTMB with regard to faculty issues.

·       Work in Progress

         Identifying individual research faculty’s contributions towards publishing, mentoring, submitting research proposals and service on committees.


         Work with department chairs to develop a mentoring and development plan for all investigators who are 0.5 FTE in research or greater.


         Seeking input and exploring the financial feasibility of hiring a grant editor(s) to include an assessment of the need and projected return on investment.


         Ensuring than an internal review, grant application review committee exists for every faculty member, either in their own department or as a committee that extends across departments.

         Increase the number of competitive federal grant applications submitted.


         Increase the number of publications with UTMB faculty as first or last author in journals with an impact factor of at least 4.                             


Questions:  The impact factor of 4, is this for scientific or clinical journals?  On a scale from 0-3, less than 1% has an impact of 4.  We also are limited by audience.


Dr. Papaconstantinou gave an article from Dr. Jerry Shay, UTSWMC, Dallas to Dr. Bhardwaj, for his information and stated that the University of Texas Academy of Health Science Education, UT System and Dr. Hurn is using this article as a working document.   


VI.     Update on the Academy of Research Mentors (ARM) – Dr. Bob Rose, Academy Chair and Dr. Bill Ameredes, Academy Vice Chair

                     Dr. Rose stated that ARM meets twice a month and he presented a PowerPoint presentation.  Listed below are their priorities.

                            Assist junior faculty with significant time protected for research.

·       Provide additional mentoring help.

·       Assist them in learning more about academic citizenship, APT issues, funding opportunities, etc.

·       Provide follow-up meetings after initial interviews to assess their progress.

                            Develop strategies to enhance mentoring skills among faculty.

                            Develop methods to assess ongoing mentor/mentee interactions for those with major               research commitments.

                            Partner and collaborate with other on campus groups that are committed to enhancing mentoring skills and faculty development, e.g., AMT, Graduate school, Faculty Senate, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, etc.


                     Dr. Ameredes stated that they do not have an instructional manual and mentoring is a one-on-one basis.  He also added that UT System is interested in what they are doing.


Dr. Cain asked how the Faculty Senate can help.  Dr. Rose stated that they are meeting with Dr. Bhardwaj next week and will see from there.  Dr. Cain said that all faculty development activities should be listed on one common location/website.


VII.       New Faculty Orientation process and POWER – Mr. Victor Moreno, Manager, Community Relations and Process Improvement and Mr. Jimmy Clark, Executive Director, Business and Academic Systems

                     Mr. Moreno presented a PowerPoint presentation and provided handouts containing information on POWER, the Provost’s blog and the agenda for the new faculty orientation.  His office assists the departments and new faculty with: onboarding, moving,         paper trail workflow, etc.  Mr. Moreno stated that tomorrow they are holding a new faculty orientation at Open Gates and Dr. Cain will be presenting an overview of Faculty Affairs.                  


                     Mr. Clark informed the faculty senate that they released POWER demos this week.  He also asked if Blackboard training is needed and stated that his team can assist with this type of training.


VIII.   Other Business

              Dr. McCammon announced that she and Dr. Barbara Thompson are members of the AAMC Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS).  The council is charged with identifying critical issues facing faculty members of medical schools and she mentioned they are now discussing; Clinical Productivity, Academic and Research Compensation Plans and Research Funding.

              Dr. Knox announced that the AMT is holding a Faculty Development Day on December 13th at the Galveston Island Convention Center.  She will send the information to the senators.

              Governance Committee Update – Compensation Committee has not met yet.  Grievance committee list is being updated as well as the grievance policy.

              IHOP Committee Update – Four policies at various phases, mostly waiting on the Legal office.             


The meeting was adjourned at 5:59 pm.