GSBS Deanís Report Ė Faculty Senate 1/14/13



  1. The GSBS continues to develop new certificate coursework and other initiatives in order to enhance training for UTMB postdoctoral research fellows and to provide them with career counseling.Two recently developed examples are just getting underway:


a)      A cooperative agreement with Galveston College will allow postdocs who want some formal teaching experience to do this and get credit for it as part of a GSBS certificate course. ††A description of the course and listing of the instructors is attached.


b)      A number of postdocs have come to Ms. Jo Bremer to seek career counseling particularly about job opportunities.In order to help meet this need Ms. Bremer has worked with HR to create a formal counseling opportunity and job search assistance to help serve this need for postdocs or graduate students.A description of the plan being implemented is attached.



  1. For a number of years now, the GSBS has developed a Fellowship Incentive Program designed to encourage advance graduate students to seek external funding to support their stipend.Winning such an award helps the student but also the faculty mentor whose grant typically bears the cost of the studentís stipend.This program takes on even more importance in the current climate of tight federal budgets and intense competition for faculty grant awards.A description of this GSBS program is attached.