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The Faculty Development page contains sections of information pertaining to faculty develpment at UTMB, technology development, and development information for individual schools. You can access information via the content sections below.

If you are having trouble finding needed information, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs. If you see information that needs to be updated or added, please contact Mary Schlobohm.

UTMB Resources - Faculty Development

UTMB Resources Faculty Development

Women Faculty Peer Mentoring Circle - The Women's Faculty Peer Mentoring Circle started in 2011 and grew out of monthly lunch meetings between four faculty involved in Infectious Disease Research. The Mentoring Circle is based on the model described in the book "Every Other Thursday: Stories and Strategies from Successful Women Scientists" by Ellen Daniell. This model is used by organizations and university's globally to develop peer mentoring programs. During the monthly meetings topic are selected from a list of career development priorities such as promotion and tenure. The meetings are a systematic way for faculty to network and to understand their trajectory. Senior faculty are invited to participate. The group currently has twelve members, including two full professors who serve in an advisory role.

Founder - Robin Stephen, PhD

Technology Resources - Faculty Development

Technology Resources Faculty Development

General UTMB Technology Course Management Online Testing Course Interaction / Conferencing Course and Interactive Video

VoiceThread - Instructions - This document will help walk you through adding VoiceThread to your Blackboard course and creating your Voicethread presentation utilizing your PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint slides, record audio directly to slides, add audio files, add video files, etc.

VoiceThread - Viewing - This document will show how to view presentations in Blackboard created by VoiceThread.

Audience Response System

TurningPoint 5 - Download Instructions - This document will gives instructions for downloading and running TurningPoint 5. Especially the Non-Install PC Version that can be put on a flash drive and used to play your presentation from any PC.

Student Software

School Specific Resources - Faculty Development

School Specific Resources Faculty Development

Extramural Medical Education Web Resources - Faculty Development

Extramural Medical Education Web Resources Faculty Development

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