Lync @ UTMB The University of Texas Medical Branch

What it does

Lync lets you connect with others at UTMB or off-campus through instant messaging (IM), video calls, and online meetings. You can share various documents, presentations, and do much more during your meetings.

What is Lync 2010?

Important Lync Information

warningPlease call IS Helpdesk at 409-772-5200 for Lync Support.

Please use your full UTMB email address as your username and your normal UTMB password to log into Lync Client once installed.

Lync is available for both PC and Mac below. You can also download a Lync app for your tablet or smartphone via your device app store.

To get familiar with Lync, please review any necessary documents and video tutorials below.

Lync Client Download - (UTMB Employees and Students)

In order to use/login to Lync Client, you will need to be either a UTMB Employee or UTMB Student with a UTMB email address, username, and password.

Click here for Lync Client 64-bit Windows

Click here for Lync Client 32-bit Windows

Click here for Lync Client MAC

Lync Attendee - (Non-UTMB)

Lync Attendee can be used by anyone, especially non-UTMB students and employees needing to join a meeting. This can also used if your Lync Client will not install on your PC or let you login. The instructions below will walk you through installing and using Lync Attendee. You can also install by visiting the Microsoft Lync website below.

Lync Attendee Installation and more - PDF

Additional Lync Support Topics

Lync Documents and PowerPoint

Lync Help Documents

Lync Best Practices

Lync Instructions - General

Lync Instructions - Voice and Webcam/Video Quick Reference

Lync Instructions - Conferencing - This lists various ways of meeting in Lync.

Find your Lync Meeting Space - 2 different ways - This contains 2 options for generating your personal Lync Meeting Space associated with your UTMB username. This is a meeting room that is always available for you to meet in with multiple Lync users. There is a call in by phone conference ID # associated for users without access to Lync.

Lync Instructions - General

Lync Audio Setup Help

Lync PowerPoint Tutorial

Lync Voice and Video Training

Lync Video Tutorials

Lync videos for Windows users are offered in WMV format. These are best played with a Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer on your laptop or PC.

Making, Receiving, and Managing Calls

Add voice to an instant message

Answer a call using Lync 2010

Change your voice mail greeting and options

Check your call quality with Lync 2010

Make a call using Lync 2010

Manage your calls with Lync 2010


Customize your meeting options

Schedule a typical meeting

Schedule a meeting for a large audience

Schedule a meeting as a delegate

Joining Meetings

Call into a meeting as a leader or participant

Join a meeting and select an audio option

Join a meeting using Lync Attendee or Lync Web App

Lync for Mac Tutorials and Support Info (Mac)

Lync on Mac

Lync for Mac support videos are offered in various formats (WMV, QuickTime and direct stream from You can also find additional media format support to QuickTime here.

Download and Install Lync for Mac

LYNC for Mac Quick Tour (WMV)

LYNC for Mac Quick Tour (QuickTime)

Schedule and run online meetings using LYNC for Mac (WMV)

Schedule and run online meetings using LYNC for Mac (QuickTime)

Communicating using LYNC for Mac (WMV)

Communicating using LYNC for Mac (QuickTime)

Additional Training

Additional Training