Appointments, Promotions and Tenure The University of Texas Medical Branch

SOM Timetable for Post-Tenure Review

(Approved 12/16/04)

  1. Notification from Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs to Chairs of faculty to be reviewed: September
  2. Departmental Reviews: March-April
  3. Chair Reviews: May-June
  4. Notification of results of all post-tenure reviews given to Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs: July 31

If the review is unsatisfactory, by either the department committee or department chair:

  1. Submission of additional materials for review, from faculty member or the department, received in office of the DOM no later than: August 31
  2. Faculty Performance Evaluation Committee reviews material; interviews (if necessary) faculty member & Chair and reports completed: October 31
  3. Chair and faculty member develop a remediation plan, submit to DOM for approval: November 30
  4. Re-evaluation 2 years later, completed by: December 1

In the event of disputes:

  1. A Chair may appeal a Faculty Performance Evaluation Committee (FPEC) decision to the DOM, and must do so within 10 working days of receiving notification of a FPEC ruling.
  2. If the Chair and Faculty member cannot agree on a remediation plan, the Dean will over see the process. The Dean must be notified by November 30 if they cannot agree, and a plan will be developed by January 15.