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Establishing A Faculty Practice

Faculty Practice Overview
The overview provides a summary of the six steps to develop a faculty practice.

Categories of Practice
The categories of practice are examples of current types of practice options relative to the allotted time during or after work hours in which to engage in practice activities.

School of Nursing Faculty Practice Plan
The Faculty Practice Plan is updated periodically to reflect the distribution of payment options in the categories of practice.

Conflict of Interest
The conflict of interest site provides information on UTMB requirements for faculty clinical options outside the UTMB system.

Medical Staff Services
The medical staff privileges site provides information on the application process required of all UTMB providers

National Provider Identifier (NPI)
This site provides information for obtaining a National Provider Identifier (NPI). All providers apply only once in their career, as the number remains the same regardless of where you practice.

Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment
This step is initiated once you have a designated practice site and start date. The application process allows for the billing of your services by the facility.

Request for Privileges
This site allows you to review procedures and specific duties individualized for each specialty area. The choices are dependent upon your education and experience in the past.

The following documents are examples of privileges. Please request specific department.

UTMB SON: Faculty Practice Website &emdash;

Jeri Jaquis (right)

UTMB SON: Faculty Practice Website &emdash;

Josie Tombrella (right)