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"Working Together the Future is Ours"

Working Together, the Future is Ours

Update: Close of Family Campaign Draws Near

On June 30, 2015, Working Together, the Future is Ours: The UTMB Family Campaign will come to an end.

Over the course of those four years, the UTMB community has seen a magnificent outpouring of generosity. More than 4,000 UTMB employees and retirees contributed to the university through the campaign. Their gifts—totaling an astounding $11.2 million—are the engine for UTMB’s future.

From every corner of the campus came support. From the faculty whose educational passions inspire tomorrow’s health care professionals. From the researchers in our internationally recognized laboratories. From the health care professionals who give life and hope to tens of thousands of patients every year. From the support staff who enable every part of our mission to flourish.

To pay tribute to the UTMB faculty, staff and retirees who have generously invested in UTMB’s future, we have prepared a special Wall of Honor in the new Jennie Sealy Hospital. All individuals who have made campaign gifts of $100 or more by June 30, 2015 will be included in this recognition.

If you have not yet had a chance to make your Family Campaign commitment, act now. Time is running short. Click on the online pledge form to make your gift today! You can even make a pledge now and then pay that pledge out over time through payroll deduction.

Final Beam Installed

Dear UTMB Health Community:

On February 27, we celebrated the topping-out of the new Jennie Sealy Hospital with the placement of the final beams in the uppermost stairwells of each tower.

New Jennie Sealy Final Beams

Marking an important milestone

The topping-out custom is an ancient builder’s rite of passage. Traditionally, when the final beam is placed atop a newly constructed building, an evergreen tree is placed at the topmost girder to symbolize growth and good luck. It is a tradition begun in Scandinavia and now adopted universally by builders.

Of the final three beams secured on February 27, the one we are most honored to be associated with is the Family Campaign beam.

This beam will forever be a visible reminder of the many people at UTMB who supported the effort to build the Jennie Sealy Hospital. Each signature on the beam represents an individual’s commitment to improve the health in the communities UTMB serves, while the beam itself represents the collective gift of more than 3,900 employees who have raised more than $8.3 million toward the new hospital.

Every building has a story – and this one will be no exception. There will be stories from the people who designed it; the people who built it; the people who work in it, and the people who will eventually come to it to receive unprecedented care and healing. But no matter who tells the story, it will always be centered on you – the people who helped make this building a reality.

Theoretically, we know every story has an ending, but for us, the story of the Jennie Sealy Hospital will be everlasting and long-reaching.


Donna K. Sollenberger
Executive Vice President and
CEO, UTMB Health System

Ben G. Raimer, MD
Senior Vice President for Health Policy and
Legislative Affairs

Family Campaign Thank You Letter

Dear UTMB Health Community:

Thank you to each and every member of the UTMB Health community who participated in the 2012 UTMB Family Campaign, Working Together the Future is Ours.

New Jennie Sealy Hospital CGI image

A Special Thanks from Co-Chairs Donna Sollenberger & Dr. Ben Raimer

Throughout UTMB’s 120-year history, our employees, faculty and students have shared a deep commitment to excellence, and a desire to blaze new trails in service to others. This was clearly demonstrated in the final results of the Family Campaign, with 3,689 contributing over $3.9 million to the campaign effort and nearly 200 departments showing 100% participation.

Gifts came from every corner of the university. So many people at every level reinforced the hard work and dedication they demonstrate every day with their generosity. These gifts were for many different purposes: scholarships, resources to enhance the patient care experience, and cutting edge research. But most were for the Jennie Sealy Hospital—the magnificent facility that will soon spring up in our midst. This generous outpouring of support is sure to inspire other potential contributors and demonstrates that we, as members of the UTMB family, are dedicated to ensuring our institution has the best resources to provide the highest quality facilities for patient care, educate future health care providers, and attract and retain the best and brightest in health care delivery and research.

We all have a stake in UTMB’s continued progress and will benefit greatly from a UTMB that is forward thinking, dynamic and financially sound. Our giving has set the pace, and we are well on our way to raising the full $450 million of The Working Wonders Campaign. Thank you all for your generosity and for sharing in the vision for what UTMB can be in the years to come!


Donna K. Sollenberger
Executive Vice President and
CEO, UTMB Health System

Ben G. Raimer, MD
Senior Vice President for Health Policy and
Legislative Affairs

This is our moment

As the Working Together, the Future is Ours campaign launches, every member of the UTMB community will have an opportunity to make a powerful statement about the university's bright future. The Family Campaign is an all-important first step in UTMB's $450 million Working Wonders campaign, the largest fundraising effort in our history.

New Jennie Sealy Hospital CGI image

CGI image of New Jennie Sealy Hospital

Whether you make a gift to support the $438 million Jennie Sealy Hospital or invest in the university’s research enterprise or support the many talented students who call UTMB their educational home, you are signaling a powerful belief in the future of health care in Texas—and beyond.

So many others look to the example of our philanthropy. They ask a simple question: “Does UTMB have the support of its own?” For us to reach out to other benefactors—UTMB alumni, community leaders and private foundations—and point to the family’s remarkable outpouring of support will be a powerful endorsement of the university.

This is a shared vision for what UTMB can—and must—be in the years to come. This is a chance for all of us to stand tall in support of our university. This truly is our moment.

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Announcing the New Jennie Sealy Hospital
Expansive in scope, bold in dimension, profound in its implications, this new facility—the Jennie Sealy Hospital—heralds a new era in medical education and patient care at UTMB.

See Jennie Sealy hospital progress animation display

Top Reasons to Support the Family Campaign

  1. Because you want to be part of something bigger than yourself.
  2. To give thanks for the care you or your loved ones received here.
  3. Because we’re a family, and as family we share a vision for what UTMB can be in the years to come.
  4. Through our generosity, we have a hand in every success at UTMB.
  5. That great feeling inside, knowing you’re helping define the future of health care.
  6. Because other UTMB donors – alumni, community leaders and private foundations, look to our example. Our outpouring of support will be a powerful endorsement of the university’s future.
  7. Because you know that tomorrow’s health care depends on the students and residents who train in the Jennie Sealy Hospital.
  8. Because, for so many of us, it’s an investment in our own health care.
  9. Because we all want a UTMB that is on the leading edge of medicine’s technological miracles.
  10. Because we all have a stake in the university’s continued progress, benefitting from a UTMB that is forward thinking, dynamic and financially sound.

Family Campaign FAQs

What is the Family Campaign?
Working Together the Future is Ours: the UTMB Family Campaign is an opportunity for all UTMB faculty and staff to participate in UTMB's future. Contributions can support such priorities as the vital new Jennie Sealy Hospital, scholarships for tomorrow's health care workforce, or groundbreaking research to improve the health of society.

When does the Family Campaign take place?
The campaign will begin on February 13th and will run for a month, ending on March 16th.

Why are we inviting UTMB faculty and staff to support the campaign?
In a few months, UTMB will launch the largest fund raising effort in its history: the $450 million Working Wonders Campaign. Our involvement will send a powerful message that is sure to inspire other potential contributors. It will show that we, as members of the UTMB family, reinforce the dedication we demonstrate every day with our generosity. Our giving sets the pace.

But there’s another reason. We all have a stake in UTMB’s continued progress. As employees, we all benefit from a UTMB that is forward thinking, dynamic and financially sound. The Jennie Sealy Hospital will live in service to that goal.

Does it matter how much I give?
We hope that each of us will be as generous as our finances and our hearts allow. But we also want to see as many members of the UTMB community as possible participate, sending the message that UTMB’s employees stand firmly behind one of the country’s leading university health science centers.

Do I have to make my gift all at once?
No. Pledges to the campaign can be fulfilled over a period of up to five years. Many have found that fulfilling a pledge over several years can be a great way to make a larger gift to UTMB than they originally thought possible.

How can I contribute to the Family Campaign?
There are several ways. By far the most popular option is payroll deduction. A modest monthly contribution can, over several years, multiply into a sizeable gift.

Consider an example. Let’s say you use payroll deduction to make a $20 gift every month for the next five years. Over the course of your payroll deduction, that would translate into a $1,200 contribution.

If you prefer, you can also make a one-time gift.

Where can I direct my gift?
The Jennie Sealy Hospital represents the key priority for the university’s future. Through Working Together the Future is Ours: the UTMB Family Campaign, we encourage every member of the UTMB family to help make this landmark hospital facility possible.

Other campaign priorities include scholarships for deserving students, endowments to recruit and retain top faculty, a Research Endowment and new Research Building, an Interprofessional Educational Center, and support for UTMB priority programs.

All gifts to the university from faculty and staff will count toward the campaign. So no matter where you direct your gift, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped make UTMB remain a place that defines the very future of health care.

Can I give in memory or in honor of someone?
Absolutely. Many people make gifts to UTMB in memory of a loved one, in honor of a trusted colleague or in appreciation of the care they received from one of UTMB’s many exceptional health care professionals.

Is my gift tax deductible?
All gifts to UTMB through the Family Campaign are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

What if I leave UTMB before my pledge is completed?
Your pledge is considered a good-faith intention; it is not considered a debt. We realize that personal circumstances can change. So, if you find you need to change your pledge, we encourage you to call the Development Office to discuss changing your participation or perhaps stopping your contribution.

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Donna Sollenberger, Co-Chair

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Thank you to the 4,075 employees who have already supported the campaign.

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