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Department Mission

The UTMB Health Department of Family Medicine is a dedicated group of educators, clinicians, and researchers committed to excellence in inter-professional medical education, primary care, and scholarship with the goal of advancing patient-centered healthcare in our communities.


The UTMB Health Department of Family Medicine is committed to efficient, creative teamwork and advocating for our learners and our patients with integrity as we innovate in healthcare, education, and scholarship.


Our values define our culture and guide our interactions. We in the UTMB Health Department of Family Medicine value:

  • Integrity – adhering to value and commitments with respect and transparency
  • Efficiency – providing quality patient care and educational experiences while working wisely and eliminating waste
  • Creativity and Innovation – committing to looking at old things in new ways and to applying established principles to new ideas and environments
  • Teamwork – working together with integrity to accomplish our Mission and Vision
  • Advocacy – promoting and serving as champions for solutions to current and future problems that affect healthcare delivery, education, and patient-centered research, and
  • Compassion and Caring – extending kindness to our patients, our learners, our community, and each other with every effort to understand the other's feelings, suffering, and beliefs.

The Role of the Family Physician

We envision and support the role of family physicians as personal doctors for people of all ages and health conditions, serving as first contacts for their health concerns and directly addressing most healthcare needs.

Through enduring partnerships with our patients, family physicians help patients prevent, understand, and manage illness, promote wellness, navigate the health system, and achieve health-oriented goals.