UTMB FamMed: Health Equity Lab

We commit our research to work toward health care justice in its many forms. We seek to be a center of scholarship, activism, inter-professional collaboration, and community engagement. Our orientation to research is the study of the social dimensions of health, health care, and illness and the implications of these dimensions for clinicians and patients. Our researchers and collaborators include social scientists, clinicians, humanities scholars, health policy experts, and population scientists. We conduct research using community-led methodologies on issues such as health disparities and equity, health and human rights, im/migrant health, work as a social determinant of health, substance use, and individual, community, and structural violence.

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Research Publications and Presentations

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Research Publications and Presentations

  • Pandemic Perspectives. The TWELVE Project.
  • Twelve nautical miles: Migrant seafarers experiences at sea

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