What kind of research can be presented?

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts of their

  • clinical research
  • evidence-based reviews
  • quality improvement projects
  • case reports
  • community projects
  • educational/curriculum development
  • original data
  • intervention

Will my poster/presentation be judged?

Yes, the top posters and presentations will be selected for recognition and announced at the closing segment of the symposium

How do we create a Virtual Poster?

Although we are hosting a virtual event, your posters still need to be created as if you were presenting in-person. The suggested size for your poster is (36") tall by (60") wide.  Max poster size if presented in-person would have beeen (48") tall by (72") wide.  You must submit in Adobe PDF format.  No Powerpoint files will be accepted this year.  You can create your poster using Powerpoint then save as, print or export as a pdf file.  There will be a 100MB file limit.  

If you wish to submit a voiceover explaining your research, please pre-record and save in mp4 format.  A maximum time of 5 mins will be accepted.  Anything over 5 mins will not be published with the voiceover. 

Oral Presentations

If you have been notified by your program that you have been selected to present an oral presentation, you will need to pre-record your entire presentation.  A maximum time of 10 mins will be accepted. Recording must be clear and concise and you may use a combination of on-screen content and video of presenter.  We suggest recording using Zoom to be able to utilize this combination of presentation. 

Please be advised there will be live sessions the day of the symposium for each of you, no matter the method of submission.

Once your abstract is approved a link will be sent directly to you to upload your file(s).


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