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Department Leadership:
Dustin Thomas Vice President, Decision Support - Finance 409-747-1270 duthomas@utmb.edu
Administrative Support:
Heather Kinsey Administrative Operations Manager 409-747-1250 hmkinsey@utmb.edu
Decision Support Analysis:
Brian Leung Director, Decision Support Analytics 409-747-7265 bsleung@utmb.edu
James Kitchens Associate Director 409-747-6323 jakitche@utmb.edu
Kathy Han Sr. Finance Manager 409-772-6633 xihan@utmb.edu
Bruce Weddell Sr. Finance Manager 409-747-1231 bbweddel@utmb.edu
Barbara Bowers Sr. Financial Analyst 409-747-1237 babowers@utmb.edu
Carl Stewart Sr. Financial Analyst 409-747-1241 ccstewar@utmb.edu
Ruth Russell Sr. Financial Analyst 409-747-1369 rurussel@utmb.edu
Neill Carson Financial Analyst I 409-747-1369 necarson@utmb.edu
Terry Stewart Financial Analyst I 409-747-1254 tistewar@utmb.edu
Forecasting, Budgeting & Analysis:
Elisa Bahnsen Sr. Finance Manager 409-747-1318 embahnse@utmb.edu
Viviene Crooks Sr. Finance Manager 409-772-6275 vwcrooks@utmb.edu
Barbara Walz Sr. Finance Manager 409-772-3589 bwalz@utmb.edu
Neil Scofelia Sr. Financial Analyst 409-747-1271 anscofel@utmb.edu
Matt Seel Sr. Financial Analyst 409-747-1274 mrseel@utmb.edu
Michelle Tressler Sr. Financial Analyst 409-747-1253 mitressl@utmb.edu
Katie Rohmfeld Financial Analyst II 409-747-6670 karohmfe@utmb.edu
Lisa Wright Financial Analyst II 409-747-1240 liswrigh@utmb.edu
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