Welcome to Financial Counseling, where UTMB patients can obtain information, forms, and documents necessary to be financially screened. Current UTMB patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance related to services already provided at UTMB. Current UTMB and Non-UTMB patients should contact Financial Counseling at (409) 772-6464 to learn about referral requirements and the application process related to planned services.

The interview/screening process will determine if you are eligible to receive discounted medical services at UTMB.  There are some *exclusions that might prevent patients from consideration of receiving a discount.

  • Non-Texas Residents
  • Any insured patient including Managed Care, Commercial, Medicaid or any other insurance program

Important Notice About Discounted Services at UTMB

UTMB is proud to serve as your partner in healthcare. Because we value our relationship with you, please read the following information regarding the screening process.

In order to be considered for a discount, a completed application must be submitted to the Financial Counseling Department.  Our financial screening policy requires that you submit documents that show proof that you qualify.  The proof list is included in the financial screening packet.  The financial screening process will include a review of your identification, residency, dependents, income and assets.  (Personal property and money are considered assets.)

In order to review your assets, you will need to submit information on all property and money in order for you to be considered for discounted services. Your personal property includes, but is not limited to: equity value of property (except your main home), cars (except your main car), boats, motorcycles and travel trailers. Money that would be reviewed is the value of cash, checking and savings account balances, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), stocks, bonds, retirement accounts (IRAs), mutual funds, oil leases, cash value life insurance, and any other account of value.

This includes a copy of your most recent income tax return or a notice of non-filing if an income tax was not filed. If your tax return was self-prepared or if you did not file a return last year, we will require an official transcript from the IRS (follow forms tab on left and select 4506T). Please review the list of approved documents with care to make sure you provide everything needed. This will help us process your application more quickly.  A small portion of all assets are considered for the discount.

If you are contacted for a financial interview with one of our counselors, please ensure that you bring any necessary documents requested.  The interview will occur on a date prior to your clinic appointment date. This allows you and UTMB enough time to complete the process. It could also prevent a delay in getting needed health care services. Please call us at (409) 772-6464 to speak to a financial counselor to answer any questions you may have about the policy.

To learn more about the financial screening process, please see the process and forms pages. Thank you for choosing UTMB for your health care needs. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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