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Welcome to the Fluoroscopy Online Training Course

Thank you for visiting our website. This website is open to all UTMB (Galveston) and all UTHSC (Houston) employees. However, only physicians can receive CMEU credit.

The on-line training courses offered on this website were designed to provide the State-of-Texas mandated training in fluoroscopic safety. By 01 May 2015 and thereafter, physicians must have completed mandated training before performing any fluoroscopy procedure that is defined by the State of Texas as interventional. Two separate courses are offered. Each is approved for the required 8 CMEU. Shorter course options are also available for supplemental training if you already have some CMEU in fluoroscopic safety but need additional credits to meet the mandated 8 hours.

Choose the “mobile” fluoroscopy course if the equipment that you primarily use for your procedures is a mobile fluoroscope or a table-tower fluoroscope and looks like any of the following:

Choose the “stationary” fluoroscopic safety program if you primarily use a fixed-in-room fluoroscope to perform cardiology procedures, neurological interventional procedures, interventional radiological procedures, or similar work. Your fluoroscope looks like any of the following:

To proceed, please create an account or, if you are returning to complete your training or exam, log in using your user name and password.