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  • H1N1 virus: Infectious disease researchers at UTMB are engaged in an effort to fully evaluate this unique strain as a part of wide-ranging national and international research, investigation and response efforts to combat the pandemic. For the latest information, please click here to visit NIAID's influenza web portal. — Archived June 2010
  • As a National Biocontainment Laboratory (NBL) dedicated to creating tomorrow’s solutions to emerginginfectious diseases, GNL researchers study a myriad of infectious agents including those which are federally regulated. Several public laws shape the oversight of this type of research, but primary regulatory focus stems from laws that govern a particular group of infectious agents termed "select agents." Current legislation in the U.S. Congress concerning Select Agent research, as well as several recently released federal reports are available for review. — Archived January 2010
  • On May 15, 2009, UTMB President David Callender hosted a community town hall meeting to discuss pending state legislation related to information about research and security in campus laboratories working with federally regulated select agents. You can view a replay of that meeting here. On May 31, the Texas State Senate gave final approval to SB 1182, a conference report which contained language regarding select agents as revised and updated with input from the Galveston community. This language, signed into law by the governor on June 19, will affect all facilities housing select agents in Texas. The full text of that conference report can her found here. Related news articles can be found here. Community attention to and feedback on this legislation was valuable and sincerely appreciated. — Archived September 2009