Timeline: Infectious disease research at UTMB

  • 2009: National Biocontainment Training Center (NBTC) Opened
  • 2008: Galveston National Laboratory Opened
  • 2006: UC7 Galveston National Laboratory Operations
  • 2005: Galveston National Laboratory ground-breaking
  • 2004: Robert E. Shope BSL-4 Laboratory / John Sealy Pavilion opens Institute for Human Infections & Immunity
  • 2003: Western Regional Center of Excellence (RCE)
    UC6 Galveston National Laboratory (NBL) awards
    NHLBI RSV Proteomics Center
  • 2002: NIAID Hepatitis C Antiviral Contract
    Shope BSL-4 Laboratory ground-breaking
    Anthrax attacks
  • 2001: UTMB Center for Biodefense
    UT System approves BSL-4 lab construction
  • 2000: Sealy Center for Vaccine Development
  • 1997: DARPA Biodefense Grant
    WHO Collaborating Center for Arbovirus and HF Virus Research
    NIAID Cooperative Hepatitis C Research Center
  • 1995: WHO Collaborating Center for Tropical Diseases World Reference Center for Arboviruses Medical Mycology Reference Center established
  • 1994: Center for Tropical Diseases