The Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) The PREP Program Structure

PREP: Information About the Course of Study

  • A. Objectives of the Program
  • B. Physical Facilities
  • C. Scope of the Program
  • D. Curriculum

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The PREP certificate program is designed to provide students who have an aptitude for science with the motivation, academic tools, research skills, and self-confidence to pursue a PhD in biomedical science. Students enter the PREP for a year experience that provides extensive laboratory research training and special learning opportunities that build not only knowledge but also analytical and thinking skills.

A major part of this experience will be the ability to earn a graduate certificate. This PREP certificate program requires the completion of the Post-Baccalaureate Research Training Curriculum (shown in the Table below).

This curriculum provides critical Principles of Laboratory Safety (BBSC 6217) and Ethics of Scientific Research (MEHU 6101) training as well as exposure to broad based research seminars. Two critical courses — BBSC 6103 Introduction to the Study of Biological Systems and BBSC 6104 Critical Reading of Scientific Literature are also included. There is also exposure to current research across the breadth of biomedical science through the BBSC 6195, the Frontiers of Science Seminar course (taken twice). This provides a total of 7 hours of instruction at the graduate level to enhance the background of students and to build confidence as they consider doctoral training in the biomedical science.

Immersion of the student in the PREP curriculum will complement laboratory, departmental, and graduate student social and other enrichment activities. The PREP also offers extensive counseling, close mentoring and the option for successful PREP Scholars to enter a doctoral program of study at UTMB or other top flight graduate school in advanced standing.

Upon successful completion of the PREP the enrollee will receive a Post-Baccalaureate Research Training Certificate, which will be reflected on their official UTMB transcript.

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