Summer Research Programs

Internal Research Opportunities

Steps to Apply:

Step 1.

Click on the link research mentors list to view a list of Principal Investigators (PI’s) and their discipline.

Step 2.

Contact research mentor and receive their approval. Obtain description or your responsibilities. (You may apply for a Translational Research Stipend or ask your research mentor if they are able to provide a stipend. You cannot receive credit if you are given paid employment, but a stipend to offset expenses is acceptable.)

Step 3.

Complete the application form for the 8-week research option or 4-week research option. The link to the electronic application will be available here by March 15. Once the student submits the form, it will be routed to the research mentor’s email for electronic approval. After the student has submitted the online form, it is recommended that the student alert the mentor to approve the form. Students will receive an automated email once the form has been approved by the mentor and SRP program.

Step 4.

Conduct 4-week or 8-week research and attend required meetings.

Step 5.

Present research in Poster Session and participate in Closing Ceremony.

IMPORTANT TRAINING INFORMATION: All research students will attend the general lab knowledge training on Orientation Day, May 6. All students whose research project involves LAB TIME, will be required to attend several training sessions during the first week of the programs. Times will be assigned. Any research that involves ANIMALS requires additional training. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible or Sharon Walters ( to accommodate your training needs.


Research Abroad (outside UTMB) PDF

8-week Application PDF
*Online application link will be posted by March 15.

4-week Application PDF
*Online application link will be posted by March 15.