Summer Research Program

Administration of the Summer Research Programs (SRP) has transferred to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Summer Research Programs


I am glad to see you are interested in research. If you are a first year medical student (MS1) you are in the right place. The Summer Research Programs (SRP) is here to help you with organizing your summer to conduct research either at UTMB or outside of UTMB. In this webpage, you will find current research opportunities and the steps to follow to enroll in a Summer Research Program.

All research for academic credit between Year 1 and Year 2 must be coordinated and approved through the 8-week or the 4-week Summer Research Program (SRP). The 4-week option is reserved for students who cannot participate in the 8-week program because of special circumstances. Students must obtain special approval to participate in the 4-week option. Research students will be required to attend an orientation program, lab meetings, SRP meetings and present their work at a poster session.

All Summer Research Program Applications must be submitted by the deadline:

  1. The Summer Research Program Application will be open February 15th.
  2. The submission deadline is April 3rd.
  3. UTMB Faculty Mentor List


  1. Students must have prior approval from the Mentor/PI before submitting the form.
  2. It is recommended that the students tell the Mentor/PI to verify the approval email that will be generated from either Chris Rhodes ( or Microsoft Flow ( If the Mentor is a Faculty member of UTMB, then this will require a simple login with UTMB Single Sign On Credentials. Furthermore, this can be completed from a smart phone or a computer.
  3. The speed of the approval process is mainly determined by the amount of time it takes the Mentor/PI to validate the request.
  4. Students will receive a copy of the approved report sent to Enrollment Services.

For further information regarding the SRP, please contact:

Dr. Kristen Peek
(409) 772-9143

Chris Rhodes
(409) 772-3661
Levin Hall, Room 3.316F

Claiborne Fant
(409) 772-8145
Levin Hall, Room 3.316C

Important Training Information:

All research students will attend the General Lab Knowledge Training on Orientation Day (first day of the block). All students whose research project involves lab time, will be required to attend several training sessions during the first week of the programs. Times will be assigned. Any research that involves animals requires additional training. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible or Sheri Brodie ( to accommodate your training needs.