Candidacy Milestone Continued:

Please join us in congratulating three of our PhD students on achieving candidacy: Samuel Mgubua is pursuing his PhD in Nursing, supervised by Dr. Carolynn Phillips; Olivia Solomon is in the Human Pathophysiology and Translational Medicine program, mentored by Dr. Gracie Vargas; and Zachary Watson is in the Cell Biology program, with supervisor Dr. Tom Green. Congratulations all!

Congratulations to Nikita Gupta for becoming a candidate for the PhD! Nikita is working with Dr. Maria Micci, in the Neuroscience program.

Congratulations to Rebecca Permar for achieving candidacy for the PhD! Rebecca is pursuing her PhD under the supervision on Dr. Anne Hudson Jones, in the Medical Humanities program.

Congratulations to Cody Bills for achieving candidacy for the PhD! Cody is pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Mariano Garcia-Blanco, in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.