Weather Information

How much on-campus attendance is expected for orientation week and will those activities include social distancing?

All on-campus activities for the week of August 24th have been cancelled and will be rescheduled. Please stay tuned for additional details on rescheduled events. Activities will be managed in small groups; masks will be worn and social distancing will be in place.

If students are unable to attend the rescheduled orientation activities, will they be excused?

The GSBS will be flexible and will work with students to ensure that they receive missed information.

How should students respond for lab work?

With an evacuation, students are released from campus. Students should coordinate with their mentors and ensure that their graduate programs have their current contact information.

When will we be expected to return to the island after an evacuation?

UTMB/GSBS will remain in communication with you. Official communications will be sent to your UTMB email and/or be posted to the UTMB website. The "all clear" notification will be sent through these official channels. Additionally, local news stations provide coverage on closure/reopening of local schools and universities.

How many days should we pack for during an evacuation?

It varies but at least several days should be a good starting point.

How far inland should we evacuate?

Closely watch the weather forecast for the latest path of the storm. Evacuating to Houston may be sufficient, or, based on latest updates, evacuating further inland may be advisable.

Will the class registration deadlines be affected by delays during the storm?

As of Tuesday (8/25), there are no expected delays. If this changes, the Graduate School will communicate with you via your UTMB email.

How long do we have to evacuate?

After a certain point, it becomes unsafe to evacuate based on road conditions and street flooding. If you feel that you may need assistance in getting to the City evacuation site on the island please complete this Evacuation Assistance Form. For questions about the form, please contact Student Life.

If students need last minute help evacuating, who should they contact?

Students can contact Campus Police for help.
Non-emergencies: (409) 772-2691
Emergencies: 911

When would we return to the island?

An "all clear" signal would be given and communicated through official UTMB channels. Until the all clear signal is given, it is not advisable to return to the island. When the all clear signal is given, a communication will be sent regarding the date academic activities will resume. The GSBS will work with you if you are not located nearby and cannot return quickly.

What do we do if power goes out and water stops?

Have at least a few days of food and clean water. Monitor the UTMB website and local news stations for updates.

How can I contact the Graduate School?

Email or contact any of the GSBS deans via email:

Links for updates and information: