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Azjurì AgueborAzjurì Aguebor

Hi! My name is Azjurì Aguebor and I am your GSO Vice President! I am currently a second year Master of Public Health student, with a concentration in Epidemiology. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Promotion. I am also a Health Advocate at Legacy Community Health which is a federally qualified health center located in the Fifth Ward of Houston. Fifth Ward is a food desert which means there are no grocery stores or sources of food in that area. At Legacy, I work with the primary care providers to identify the patients who are in need of food, housing, transportation, and financial support for their utilities. Once I identify the need, I find resources to allocate to the client. I also advocate on their behalf to larger organizations such as New Hope Housing or Baker Ripley Community Developers. I love the field that I am in because I get to directly impact a person’s life in a positive way on a daily basis. This work fills me up and makes me feel whole! I aspire to one day have my own grassroots non-profit organization where I am able to implement Public Health into daily living while also promoting positive health behaviors.

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