Why Should You Consider Advanced Training in the Biomedical Sciences?

Median earnings for doctoral trained individuals is ~1.5X that for a bachelor's level and ~1.3 fold higher than that for a MS level. This is a significant enhancement in lifetime earnings.

Additionally, the unemployment rate for doctoral trained individuals in 2010 was 2.3%.

Research in biomedical science is working on the future of medicine. This is a career if you want to have a big impact on people and their health. You can work in a number of different venues:

  • Academic institutions
  • Pharmaceutical & biotech industry
  • State and federal governments
  • Law Offices
  • Publishing and communications companies
  • Financial institutions

Experience personal and professional growth & a great career

  • Interact with scientists across the country and around the world
  • Travel the world to attend meetings and conferences
  • Pursue your own ideas and explore the unknown Every Day!