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Mandi FeinbergMandi Feinberg

I am a second year PhD student in the Molecular Biophysics Educational Track in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department here at UTMB. Prior to coming here, I earned a BS in Bioinformatics and an MS in Biomedical Sciences. After earning my masters I worked for company for a few years as a virology research associate before returning to school to pursue my PhD.

My current research in Dr. Choi’s lab focuses on determining the mechanism for synthesis of the West Nile Virus genome. I am utilizing X-ray crystallography to determine the structure and interactions of the viral RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase with the RNA promoter (stem loop A) structure at the beginning of the 5’ untranslated region of the viral RNA genome. My project allows me to combine my love of viruses with my computational background.

Right from the start of my time at UTMB I wanted to put myself in a position that would allow me to contribute to and serve my community and fellow students. I am currently serving my second term as one of the GSBS senators in SGA, which serves all students here at UTMB, and I am a co-chair for the BMB student organization, the Biological Chemistry Student Organization. I am currently serving as the executive secretary for the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). My goal for GSO this year is to support all GSBS students to make our time at UTMB enjoyable and impactful and to try to bring a little bit of normalcy back into student’s lives. The GSO officers have been hard at work to plan events focused not only on our research and science but also some more fun events. Reach out to your GSO officers by emailing

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