Bioterrorism & Emerging
Infectious Diseases Plan

Emergency Department

Many people who are ill from a bioterrorism agent will be seen in the Emergency Room. Healthcare workers must be aware of the signs and symptoms of each disease.

  • In the best-case scenario, the disease of the affected patient will be recognized by the Emergency Medical Personnel and pertinent information shared via dispatch.
  • Upon recognition or suspicion of a bioterrorism agent, Healthcare Epidemiology must be notified immediately. They in-turn will notify the Galveston County Health District, University Relations, the Medical Director, and Chief Operating Officer.  Further communication with law enforcement, TDH, or the CDC will be done at the direction of the Galveston County Health District.
  • The patient must be triaged for illness vs. exposure to disease and cared for appropriately. The attached Clinical Pathways include admission criteria for specific syndromes. People exposed to a biological agent may only require prophylaxis. See prophylaxis regimes for specific diseases.
  • Upon discharge from the Emergency Department, the patient will be given specific educational material and instructions about medical follow-up including medications

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