Bioterrorism & Emerging
Infectious Diseases Plan


The UTMB pharmacy will stock pile the antibiotics for distribution in the event of a bioterrorist attack. Suspensions will be available for children. Alternative antibiotics will be available for those who have allergies to the drugs of first choice.

The stockpiled antibiotics will be pre-labeled and in unit doses/or volumes that can be easily distributed. The stock will contain enough medicine to sustain UTMB to treat patients until the Texas Department of Health can provide assistance.

Patients prophylaxis and post-exposure immunization
All drugs released to patients in an outpatient setting will be accompanied by a “Fact Sheet”, describing the disease and the medicine being used to treat the disease. The fact sheet written in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese will be signed by the patient indicating that they understand the risk-benefit of the medication. The signed copy of the fact sheet will be retained.

In the event that a large number of people require prophylaxis, the Lecture Hall on the third floor of the Clinical Science Building will be used as a distribution center. The pharmacy will employ the following plan of action:

  • Healthcare Workers
    In general, maintenance of accurate occupational health records will facilitate identification, contact, assessment, and delivery of post-exposure care to potentially exposed healthcare workers.
  • Hospital Clinical Staff
    It is imperative that hospital clinical staff receive education regarding the management of patients with each bioterrorism agent. An Infectious Diseases consultation is strongly suggested for these patients.

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