Bioterrorism & Emerging
Infectious Diseases Plan

Triage and Management for Large-scale Events

Triage and management planning for large-scale events may include:

  • Establishing networks of communication and lines of authority required to coordinate on-site care.
  • Planning for cancellation of non-emergency services and procedures.
    Identifying sources able to supply available vaccines, immune globulin, antibiotics, and botulinum anti-toxin (with assistance from local and state health departments).
  • Planning for the efficient evaluation and discharge of patients.
  • Developing discharge instructions for patients determined to be non-contagious or in need of additional on-site care, including details regarding if and when they should return for care or if they should seek medical follow-up.
  • Determining availability and sources for additional medical equipment and supplies (e.g., ventilators) that may be needed for urgent large-scale care.
  • Planning for the allocation or re-allocation of scarce equipment in the event of a large-scale event (e.g., duration of ventilator support of terminally afflicted individuals).
  • With assistance from the Pathology service, identifying the institution’s ability to manage a sudden increase in the number of cadavers on site.

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