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The University of Texas Medical Branch has a proud tradition of excellence in teaching, scholarly research, curricular innovation and in meeting the healthcare needs of the State of Texas. As director of the Hispanic Center of Excellence, my primary objective is to provide faculty and students with future opportunities in career advancement, research, clinical practice, mentorship, counseling, and pre-medical academic enrichment programs to promising students. The HCOE's history in UTMB dates back to 1992, through federal funding by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.

Online Medical College Admission Test Guided Study

The Hispanic Center of Excellence launched a new initiative in 2014 based on an identified need of our undergraduate student population. In order to continue our support of undergraduate entry into medical school from our partner schools, we have built an online guided-study program for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). We are creating small groups (no more than 12) of students studying for their MCAT exams. Those seeking direct application to medical school should have at least a 3.5 OGPA and a 3.6 SGPA and be willing to commit 10 to 12 hours a week or more, to preparation for the MCAT exam. Those in pipeline programs, such as EMSAP or JAMP, or those who plan to apply to a post-bacc or master program, must have a 3.25 OGPA.

Most of the activities are asynchronous, but students will be expected to spend time in the learning management system at least 3 to 4 days of a 7-day week. We will be utilizing online resources, study guides, and some original content. We will expect students to obtain AAMC membership, purchase at least one additional practice exam, as well as a set of study guides. Dr. Toombs-Smith has recreating her Verbal Reasoning as an e-course and even published a book version. Several of our students raised their Verbal scores from 4-7 to 10-11 after Dr. Toombs-Smith's classes. We are excited to have her support for this endeavor.

Students will have regular contact from our team. We are including many checkpoints, activities, and interactive components to ensure that our students do not get lost along the way. These are not classes or courses with the exception of Dr. Toombs-Smith's contribution. We are providing a plan, support, and mentoring to the students. We will outline activities - video lessons, flashcards, practice questions, etc., for each day. The student will need to take the initiative to complete the activities and demonstrate that completion.

We will help our students to learn how and where to find MCAT preparation resources, how to evaluate those resources, how to utilize best, and how to find answers to their questions. We will help them to tailor their practice. Most importantly, we will mentor the students through three months of study, continue mentoring them through the MCAT exam, help them evaluate their results, and support them through the admissions process and beyond.

New cohort started May 2016 - Online Guided MCAT Study Program

The May to July cohort has started and is a small group of invited students working to individually tailored study plans.

Online Guided MCAT Study Program Application PDF. If you would prefer a Word document, please email