Cultural Competency in Hispanic Health
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Week 1

Decide on topic

Your paper can be research based, a self-reflection, literature review, case study.

Submit outline and title to your work by the first Tuesday of the period.

Once your outline is approved a first draft of the paper is due Tuesday of week 2.

Make sure to seek for literature that reports Hispanic data.

If possible, you want to report comparisons; Hispanics vs. non-Hispanics.

Report national, state, and/or local level data.

It may take several iterations to finalize the paper.

Respond to my edits/comments within 3 days.

A self-reflection paragraph of your knowledge acquired these last 3 years is a plus in your paper.

NIMHHD, NIH, OMH, DHHS, CDC, BRFSS, Medlical Literature: OVID, PubMed, MEDLINE.

Because a research paper requires a more elaborate sense of writing, I decided to provide you this information with enough time so that you may decide what type of paper you wish to submit. Visit my website.

All references for all types of papers should be cited using APA format.

Week 2

Submit 1st draft Tuesday.

Respond to edits/comments.

Continue working on your paper.


Week 3

Respond to additional edits/comments.

HEAVY WRITING WEEK: May be several iterations in a week to address content and format.

Submit 1st draft of Power Point.

First slide must include:

  1. Your name
  2. Title of presentation
  3. Course MEHU 441
  4. Partial requirement for the completion of Bilingual Health Track (if pursuing the BHT)

References are to be cited per slide. Do not add a final slide of “References”

  1. Use UTMB Power Point Templates


Week 4

Make sure to do a test run to test audio and video.

Submit final paper and Power Point Tuesday before COB.

You will present on Thursday starting at noon. Must confirm with Dr. Perez the time.

You have 10 minutes to present.

All presentations will be via videoconference.

Dr. Perez will send you the link to the videoconference.

Title your final paper and Power Point:


Questions, please contact:

Dr. Norma A. Perez
Course Director, Director of the Bilingual Health Track
(409) 772-3558 or