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Mission & Vision

Health Education Center

The Health Education Center (HEC) has served over 2,500 learners in its first 90 days of operations. As part of our dedicated service to the educational community of the University of Texas Medical Branch, we strive to contribute to the education, training, and development of the thousands yet to come from our campus and community partners.

The HEC Mission Statement is: Leading innovative interprofessional health and science education through cutting-edge simulation to optimize collaborative learning and improve health outcomes. This mission statement will allow us to achieve the HEC Vision Statement: To promote a transformative shared simulation resource center that produces collaborative leaders who will advance global best care.

HEC Strategic Plan

Message from the Vice President:

The Health Education Center (HEC)  officially opened its doors in 2019. This 161,000 square foot facility boasts the latest technology in human, non-human, and virtual reality simulation educational equipment. Staffed with experienced support staff, the HEC’s teaching abilities are augmented through strategic faculty partnerships including leaders in simulation training from the SON, JSSOM, SHP, SPPH and GSBS. These professionals are dedicated to providing top quality educational experiences for all of our students, fellows, staff, and community members. We welcome all projects and hope to be of service in the creation of new and innovative teaching modalities. Hundreds of dedicated people contributed to the creation of this project spanning the last decade. Please join us in realizing the mission and vision of this valuable UTMB and state of Texas asset.

John C. McKee, PhD
Vice President for Interprofessional Education, Institutional Effectiveness and the Health Education Center, ad interim.  
Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Master of Physician Assistant Studies