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HEC Building

Welcome to the Health Education Center!

The State-of the-Art Medical Education Center includes:

  • 77 Bed Simulated Hospital.
  • 5 Floors of Cutting-Edge Simulation Facilities.
  • The 5th floor is equipped with 2 simulated operating rooms, 10 ICU rooms, multiple control and monitoring rooms and 2 debriefing rooms.
  • The 4th floor hosts our standardized patient program and has 16 patient exam rooms, 3 training rooms, 3 debriefing rooms and a monitoring & control room.
  • The 3rd floor has 16 individual patient rooms covering adult, child, infant and maternity simulations.
  • This floor also has a large flexible space that can be set up as a PACU or an OB suite, as well as 2 large debriefing rooms, 2 small debriefing and 1 monitoring & control room.
  • The 2nd floor has 3 large skills labs offering a total of 30 physical examination spaces, a virtual skills lab, 3 debriefing rooms and 1 monitoring & control room.
  • The HEC hosts numerous task training pieces of equipment as well as over 60 low, mid and high-fidelity manikins for creating real-life simulations.
  • The control rooms on each floor allow seamless operation of manikins while remotely being able to view and record simulations through integrated software.