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Code of Conduct

Relevant UTMB IHOP Policy 07.01.03 ~ Student Conduct and Discipline

Honor Pledge: On my honor, as a member of the UTMB community, I pledge to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all my academic and professional endeavors.

  1. All users of the HEC must act in a manner that is professional, collaborative, supportive, nonintimidating, and mutually respectful and does not disturb academic activities.  (INACSL)
  2.  All users of the HEC must abide by the legal and professional standards of practice and codes of ethics that guide one's discipline. (INACSL Standards of Best Practice)
  3. No user shall infringe upon the privacy, rights, privileges, health, or safety of others.
  4. All users of the HEC, including learners, instructors, and standardized patients are expected to be punctual for sessions, organized and prepared for simulation-based experiences. (INACSL)
  5. The course instructor has the right to remove any participant from the center. Simulation center staff should have the right to remove anyone (e.g., instructors, students, etc.) from the facility  (Society for Simulation in HC 2012)
  6. All faculty, staff and students must be oriented to the center prior to using the equipment.
  7. All HEC users must wear their UTMB badge when at the HEC
  8. No eating or drinking is allowed at any time in the simulation areas.
  9. No pens, markers, are allowed in the simulator rooms
  10. Use of the computers is restricted to assigned simulation activities and not for personal use.
  11. Equipment is not to be used for any purpose other than specified; anyone who fails to comply with this request will be asked to leave the center.
  12. Assets are not to be removed from the health education center without approval from leadership
  13. Any equipment malfunction or abuse must be reported to HEC staff immediately.
  14. Adherence to the dress code is expected. 
  15. Do not remove the manikin from the bed unless instructed to do so.
  16. Lockers are available for short term use for placement of personal items (book bags, phones, coats, etc.). The lockers allow input of a personal code to lock and unlock. Belongings should be removed from the lockers immediately following the scheduled event.
  17. All electronics including cell phones, PDA’s, cameras, camera phones, and video recorders are prohibited during simulation activities. Recording and/or sharing of simulation information is forbidden.
  18. Unauthorized photography is not permitted at the HEC. Anyone requiring photos for a presentation or poster must follow established guidelines for photography and video recording.
  19. Permission for the use of screen shots or video clips from session recording utilizing the B-Line system for purposes other than debriefing at the Center immediately following the session (such as presentation or poster) must be obtained from the Operations Manager.