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VR Goggles

Photography and Video

All learners will sign a confidentiality agreement, and will be made aware of the video recording policy as stated below. If recording will be used for some sort of research endeavor, then consent forms will be given to the students.

If you have signed a consent form, the video will be archived and accessed by the IRB approved research team per protocol guidelines.

In keeping with this policy, all instructors and students undergoing training at the Center are required to complete and sign the "UTMB HEC Confidentiality and Photo Consent". A signed copy of the consent must be on file in order for an instructor or student to participate in simulation based scenario training. A copy must also be on file prior to an instructor being assigned login and password access to the B-Line system, which allows the viewing of recorded sessions.

The B-line system allows the HEC to assign and restrict access to sessions for review or debriefing to only those instructors/faculty involved in the specific session. Instructors cannot view sessions recorded by other groups. Learners are not provided password access to the system, unless a specific request is made by the session faculty member. The HEC retains B-line recorded session for 7 years from the date of training.