HomeTown Science 3D

Health and Science Talks in Web 3D

These are videos of the live talks presented in the virtual 3D world of Second Life as part of the HomeTown Science 3D project.

UTMB Faculty held live presentations, as avatars, to live audiences at the UTMB Second Life virtual campus. Talks were also simulcast to the web for viewing.

Funded by a 2014 UTMB President's Cabinet Award Grant and sponsored by the UTMB Virtual Learning Steering Committee.

Ellen Adriance, MS-Senior Analyst, Clinics Information Systems
Cheryl Watson, PhD - Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Dept

1st Hometown Science Presentation - 1/18/2014
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Eddie Salazar, MS -


2nd Hometown Science Presentation - 2/8/2014
Lifestyle Medicine, Victor Sierpina, MD


3rd Hometown Science Presentation - 3/15/201
Aging and Wellnes: Ways Science Can Help - 4
Rodger Marion, PhD

4th Hometown Science 3D Presentation - 4/19/2014
How Environmental Hormone Impersonators Disrupt Signaling in your Cells
Cheryl Watson, PhD


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