Center to Eliminate Health Disparities

HPLA seeks to address health disparities by supporting research, training and interventions related to the causes of health inequities in society, developing new models for understanding and reducing health disparities, and promoting policy change to effectuate health reform.

Projects we are currently working on can largely be grouped into four program areas:

  • Health Systems Solutions: Creating efficient, effective, and fair health systems is critical to reducing health inequities.
  • Solutions through Social Determinants of Health: Because many inequities are created before people enter into the health system, we must address social determinants of health in order to prevent health inequities, create sustainable solutions, and reduce the cost of health care.
  • Global Health: Just as health inequities exist within the United States, they can also be seen between countries and within low-income countries, which often have more barriers with fewer resources to address health systems and social determinants of health.
  • Leadership Training for Social Change in Health: Training and capacity building are necessary to create a health professionals work force prepared to deal with the challenge of meeting health goals both in the US and abroad. Health professionals students need educational opportunities on issues of health equity, social determinants of health, and ethical engagement to become effective leaders.