Ability Resource Group


The Ability Resource Group is open to all UTMB employees and students, and it's focus is on increasing awareness and creating a culture of inclusion for those impacted by a disability.

Ability ERG Mission/Vision/Values

  • Mission

    To enhance the UTMB atmosphere by cultivating a barrier-free, inclusive and diverse environment.

  • Vision

    To further the university's commitment to diversity and to providing opportunities of inclusion for individuals with disabilities and their allies.

  • Values

    To promote physical, social, psychological and technological access for all.

Meetings and Events

Group meetings and other networking events are held regularly and cover a variety of educational and motivational topics. All members of the UTMB community are invited to attend.

How to Join

Members of the Ability Resource Group receive:

  • A wide range of resources on how to be more abilities inclusive
  • Education on the latest disability inclusion topics
  • The opportunity to network with others

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Ability Resource Group Membership Application