Black Alliance Resource Group


The Black Alliance seeks to cultivate an environment that promotes equity and inclusiveness through professional mobility, cultural responsibility, networking, education and programs highlighting cultural awareness, diversity, unconscious bias and global thinking at UTMB.

Black Alliance Vision

  • Vision

    To provide a safe space and professional resources for underrepresented individuals affected by systemic racism, discrimination, and inequalities and to encourage solidarity amongst all staff, faculty, and students.

  • Leadership Committee

    Executive Sponsors
    Dr. Janet Southerland
    Dr. David Brown

    Dr. Jayco McCowan
    Mr. Ryan Johnson

    Advisory Board Members
    Mr. Steven J. Baines
    Ms. Caren Brownfield
    Ms. Lorraine Hunter-Simpson
    Mr. Shawn McCann
    Dr. Shayne Washington
    Ms. Meisha Wilson-Leonard

Meetings and Events

Group meetings and other networking events are held regularly and cover a variety of educational and motivational topics. All members of the UTMB community are invited to attend.

Black Alliance Events

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Leaders on the Move

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Black History Month