Black Employee Resource Group (BERG)

The Black Employee Resource Group seeks to cultivate an environment that promotes equity and inclusiveness through professional mobility, cultural responsibility, networking, education and programs highlighting cultural awareness, diversity, unconscious bias and global thinking at UTMB.

BERG Juneteenth Luncheon - June 15 11:30am - Levin Hall

BHM 2022

Black Alliance Vision

  • Vision

    To provide a safe space and professional resources for underrepresented individuals affected by systemic racism, discrimination, and inequalities and to encourage solidarity amongst all staff, faculty, and students.

  • Leadership Committee

    Executive Sponsors
    Dr. Janet Southerland
    Dr. David Brown

    Richard M. Walker

    Advisory Board Members
    Tammie Collins
    Lorraine Hunter-Simpson
    Soshe Mayes
    Dr. Cindy West
    Meisha Wilson-Leonard
    Vickie Jones (Founder)*
    Dr. Jayco McCowan (Founder)*

Meetings and Events

Group meetings and other networking events are held regularly and cover a variety of educational and motivational topics. All members of the UTMB community are invited to attend.

Black Alliance Events

  • Upcoming Events

    June 8, 2022

    Tour - Old Central H.S.

    BERG will be hosting a tour of Galveston’s Old Central High School on June 8, at 5:30pm.

    • Meeting Location:  We will gather just outside of the door facing Avenue M
    • Parking Information: There is ample street parking on Avenue M or on 26th Street
    • Length: Tour will last approximately 45 minutes
    • Photos: Photos and videos will be allowed


    June 15, 2022

    Juneteenth Luncheon

    BERG will be hosting an in-person luncheon for UTMB staff, students and faculty to come and Celebrate Juneteenth, join a BERG committee (or two), and experience the energy of BERG.  The event will begin at 11:30am in Levin Hall  on June 15.

    Renowned Juneteenth expert  Mr. Sam Collins will be our guest speaker, and UTMB President Dr. Ben Raimer will also address the audience. Lunch will be served.  Registration is required


    June 22, 2022

    Movie Night at H.E.C.

    BERG will be hosting an in-person MOVIE NIGHT on June 22, from 5:30pm - 8:00pm at the UTMB Health Education Center. All are welcome to come and have an enjoyable after-work movie get together.

    We will be viewing “Miss Juneteenth” - the story of a mother and daughter addressing Juneteenth from different generational perspectives. This is a must-see classic.  Food will be served.

  • Archived Events

    Earth Day 2022 – April 15, 2022

    Provost Lecture Series – Underserved Groups at UTMB: Historical Perspective, Current and Future Initiative - April 29, 2022

    Black History Month: Movie Night #2 (Selma) – Feb. 25, 2022

    Virtual Round Table: State of Health Care for Black America: Past, Present, Future – Feb. 22, 2022

    Black History Month: Movie Night #1 (Hidden Figures) – Feb. 11, 2022

    Provost Lecture Series – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: From Fairness to Excellence – Jan. 14, 2022

    How We EndUP: A Virtual Convening of Organizers, Activists, Scholars and Community Leaders – Oct. 26 & 27, 2021

    Who Fixes Broken Systems by Samuel G. Dunn – Sept. 9, 2021

    Member Mixer at Big Phil’s Soul & Creole Café – Aug. 27, 2021 (Photos of event)

    Meet & Greet at Viola & Agnes’ Neo Soul Café – June 18, 2021 (Photos of event)

    Black Alliance Resource Group Inaugural Event – Feb. 22, 2021 (Video of event &  Presentation)

    Black History Month – Feb. 1 to 28, 2021 (UTMB events and activities)

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