Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)

The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) is an officially constituted committee of The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB), reporting to the Office of the President, under the leadership of the Director of the Ethics Program. The IEC works in conjunction within the Ethics Program to provide comprehensive, integrated ethics support for the institution.


The IEC provides a multidisciplinary forum for the analysis and discussion of ethical standards affecting patient care, professional education and community interests in service to the organizational mission to improve health. This mission is fulfilled through the Committee’s advisory, educational, policy development, and service functions.


The IEC is committed to the promotion of high ethical standards in all of its operations and recognizes its responsibility in protecting and promoting the rights and responsibilities of its members. The IEC supports UTMB’s Values of compassion, integrity, respect, diversity, lifelong learning as outlined below:

Institutional Ethics Committee Vision goals

  • A. Compassion

    The IEC will:

    1. Create a caring environment for everyone.
    2. Serve to clarify practical applications of the core values in all aspects of patient care.
    3. Provide ethics consultation services for patients and clinicians in collaboration with the Ethics faculty and fellows, with IEC members serving as members of ethics consultation teams when team consultations arise.
    4. Review, revise and/or recommend policies relating to patients’ rights and responsibilities.
  • B. Integrity

    The IEC will:

    1. Review, revise and/or make recommendations regarding ethically sensitive policies and procedures that impact the care of patients and potential patients of UTMB.
  • C. Respect

    The IEC will:

    1. Work together to merit the trust of our colleagues and those we serve.
  • D. Diversity

    The IEC will:

    1. Promote an inclusive environment that actively values multiplicity among faculty.
    2. Value an array of perspectives in our deliberations and collective efforts.
  • E. Lifelong Learning

    The IEC will:

    1. Embrace creativity and seek new knowledge.
    2. Aid in identifying and addressing ethical issues in clinical practice.
    3. Measure and monitor outcomes of ethics interventions, collect descriptive data relating to ethics, and track trends in an effort to identify educational opportunities or policy needs.
    4. Provide regional and national leadership for other clinical ethics programs, services, and ethics committees and their members.

Requesting a Clinical Ethics Consultation
EPIC Ethics Consult Order
Page: (409) 643-9650
Call: (409) 747-1230 (Business Hours)

Mailing Address
Ethics Consulting Service
UTMB Health
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77555-1311

Ethics Consultants

Jeff S. Farroni2
Jeff S. Farroni, PhD, JD
Director, Institutional Ethics Program


Bryanna Moore, PhD
Assistant Professor and
Clinical Ethicist


Sifuentes, Marcy 2020_adj
Marisela Sifuentes
Administrative Coordinator