Meet Dr. Jean Brink

Sep 1, 2003, 00:00 AM by Julia Essex

Jean Brink, PhDThe UTMB Health Institute for the Medical Humanities is pleased to welcome Jean Brink, PhD as a Visiting Scholar. Dr. Brink will be in residence from September 2003 through November 2003.

Dr. Brink comes to the Institute from the Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, CA, where she is a research scholar. Her project, "Death Watch: The ‘Good Death' Reconsidered," examines the ars moriendi (arts of dying) historically and as a contemporary cultural phenomenon. At the Institute her research will focus on a cost/benefit analysis of hospice as a social movement and has included personal narratives and interviews with hospice workers.

Dr. Brink earned a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University, a Master of Arts from Harvard University, and a Doctorate from University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Brink formerly taught Shakespeare and Milton at Arizona State University (1974-2002) where she founded and directed the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She is the author of Michael Drayton Revisited (1990) and has published biographical articles on Edmund Spenser as well as studies of Elizabethan culture.