UTMB Trivia - March

Mar 19, 2018, 19:15 PM by KirstiAnn Clifford

X-Ray machine

In 1895, a German scientist chanced upon a form of radiation capable of “seeing through” most solid objects, rapidly transforming the practice of medicine. The photo to the left is a replica of the first X-ray machine in Texas, made in 1896 by UTMB founding faculty member Dr. Seth Morris. Within months of its completion, Morris and a colleague X-rayed a nurse’s hand and produced the state’s first-ever medical image. Parts of what household machine were used to make this technology possible?  

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Answer to the February trivia question: Dr. Thomas N. James  
Congrats to Rabiah Shabazz Houston, mental health manager, Jester I, Vance, and Jester III Units, UTMB Correctional Managed Care, who won the Feb. drawing!