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Dear Future Donors

give_to_cardio_ashbel_smith_buildingJust as the university hospital of UTMB was established by a bequest in the will of John Sealy, a Galveston businessman, the Division of Cardiology at UTMB has been supported by a very special group of people who decided to give.

Faculty, fellows, and staff of the division daily appreciate the generous gifts making a difference in our efforts in education, research, and patient care.

We invite you to review Giving Opportunities within the Division. Please visit the Benefactors page to view the legacy of people who have encouraged us through their gifts to be the best in what we do-education, research and patient care.           

Give to Cardiology Education
The Division of Cardiology has graduated over 180 cardiology fellows since 1951. Our faculty is passionate about mentoring, coaching, and educating our fellows to be outstanding cardiologists. Fellow education, however, is becoming more complex as well as expensive. Fellows need to attend national meetings to present their research outcomes and learn the cutting-edge discovery and innovation. They must constantly update themselves reading the literature, watching educational videos, and engaging in the simulation of advanced cardiac procedures. It has been said that one cardiologist will touch the lives of over 6000 patients over his/her professional career. Please consider giving to cardiology education to better educate our cardiology fellows who will contribute to the care of so many patients in the future.

Give to Cardiology Research
Cardiac catheterization, a cardiac procedure we perform daily, was invented by Dr. Werner Forssmann in 1920's. Without research done by Dr. Forssmann and others, we would not have cardiac catheterization, the procedure that is most definitive in its diagnostic capability and allows cardiologists to treat the stenosis of coronary arteries without surgically opening the chest. The Division of Cardiology has recognized the critical importance of robust cardiology research to generate knowledge and to discover and invent new therapies and diagnostic tests and invested on cardiology research for the last 50 years. However, due to the extremely stringent funding situation of the National Institutes of Health and other funding agencies in recent years, the conduction of high impact cardiology research is becoming increasingly difficult. The stability and predictability of funding is a prerequisite for big discoveries. Please consider giving to cardiology research to allow us to continue to discover and invent.

Give to Innovative Patient Care
The delivery of high quality cardiology care to our patients needs innovation. Education and research benefits nothing unless it is brought to bedside. The system of cardiology care delivery must be constantly improved to assure the cutting edge education and research are integrated into compassionate patient care. All health care professionals need to work together as a team to maintain the highest possible standard of cardiology care. Please consider giving to cardiology patient care initiatives to invent a ground-breaking system of inpatient and outpatient care delivery.

How to Give
Please visit our Contribute to UTMB website to discover many ways to give. There are many options available to give to UTMB and Cardiology. Please contact Dr. Syed Gilani with your questions on individual programs within the Division of Cardiology. To learn how you can become our partner in defeating cardiovascular disease, contact Jenny C. Dudley, assistant vice president for development; phone: 409.772.8767. We look forward to working with you to continue to build an outstanding academic cardiology division within the first and oldest medical school in the state of Texas.                  

In the course of its history, more than 1,000 individuals, families, foundations and corporations have made generous gifts to the Division of Cardiology. These include the following:

Edward D. Futch
Edward and Sally Futch Charitable Fund
William E. McCarron
John C. Price
Stubbs Family
American Heart Association
Center for Cardiac Research
Morgan Consultants
St. Jude Medical Foundation
St. Jude Medical, Inc.
San Luis Resort and Conference Center
Sealy & Smith Foundation

We are grateful to all of our philanthropic partners in the effort to understand, treat and defeat cardiovascular disease. The Division of Cardiology relies on philanthropic support for its clinical, educational and research efforts. To learn how you can become our partner in defeating cardiovascular disease, contact Jenny C. Dudley, assistant vice president for development; phone: 409.772.8767.                  

The UTMB was established as School of Medicine, Medical Department of the University of Texas in 1890 as the first medical school in the state of Texas.