Edgar Lichar Dillon, PhD

Edgar Lichar Dillon, PhD
Assistant Professor

Division: Endocrinology
Department: Internal Medicine

Personal Overview

Dr. Dillon has been active in research focused on understanding the roles of hormones and nutrition in the regulation of human skeletal muscle and bone metabolism. During his career he has worked on numerous translational physiology studies and countermeasures at UTMB and NASA aimed at reducing the musculoskeletal losses that take place due to aging (sarcopenia), disease (cancer cachexia), and disuse (prolonged bedrest and human spaceflight). He is currently involved in several clinical studies with Drs. Urban and Sheffield-Moore examining the efficacy of testosterone interventions in promoting skeletal muscle anabolism and regulation of bone metabolism in healthy older men and cancer patients through NIH funded studies at the Institute for Translational Sciences-Clinical Research Center (ITS-CRC) and in healthy individuals during long-term bed rest as part of a collaborative NASA funded project at the Flight Analog Research Unit (FARU).