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Liver Diseases

Key Faculty

Roger Soloway, MD
Andrea Duchini, MD
Rashid Khan, MD
Monica O'Donohoe, PA-C

Types of Diseases Seen

Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, alcoholic liver disease, Non alcoholic fatty liver disease, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Hemachromatosis, Wilson's disease, drug induced hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, complications of portal hypertension, abnormal liver function tests of unknown etiology.

Types of Treatments Provided

Anti-viral treatment for hepatitis C and B. Management of portal hypertension and complications. Management of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Liver Biopsy for diagnosis and staging of liver disease. Liver transplantation and evaluation.

Unique or New Things that UTMB Does in this Field

Studies of new therapies for viral hepatitis, non invasive evaluation of portal hypertension, development of markers for hepatic fibrosis, basic research on hepatic injury and inflammation in hepatitis.

How to Make an Appointment

Call 409.772.1502

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