The Division of Nephrology began under the leadership of Drs. Gene Sarles and Ray Remmers in the early 1960s. It was the third center in the United States to offer chronic dialysis-being a leader in home hemodialysis and a renal transplant program. During their leadership, UTMB Nephrology was a leading center for the development and provision of state of the art care of the renal patient. In 1984, Dr. Thomas DuBose assumed leadership and was instrumental in attracting numerous basic science investigators to the division including Drs. David Good, Rich Gurich, Elsa Bello-Reuss, and Robert Beach. During this decade, the division assumed a premier role in the physiologic understanding of the kidney. Dr. Beach followed from 1990-1994 and continued the development of the division as a leader in research and clinical care. Dr. Robert Safirstein became director from 1994-1998 and brought new cell biology investigations to the division. In recent history, the division was led by Dr. John Badalamenti, 1998-2000, Elsa Bello-Reuss from 2000-2004, Dr. Robert Beach from 2004-2008. In 2008, Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston and the hospital and clinics were closed for an extended period. In spite of this devastation, the division survived and provided patient care and education as Dr. Beach assumed both responsibilities and opened a clinic to maintain patient access. Dr. John Badalamenti resumed direction of the division in 2010 and has overseen its growth and prominence to date.