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The Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine current research activities are focused on quality improvement, outcomes and comparative effectiveness research in various pulmonary and critical care disorders.

We have extensive expertise in conducting large database analysis and examining the benefit of health information technology. A multidisciplinary translational team (MTT) to identify unique phenotypes of asthma; understanding the effect of viral infections on airway epithelium; and to ascertain novel mutations in lung cancer for future therapeutic targets are a few examples of outstanding research conducted by the faculty members at UTMB.

Along with the current faculty members in the division, below is a list of investigators and specialized centers on the UTMB campus conducting cutting edge research on pulmonary diseases. The research spans from identifying new targets for treatment of asthma/COPD to reengineering lung tissue.

Please click on the names below to learn more about our investigators and centers:

Dr. Suresh Bhavnani, Institute for Translational Science
Dr. Istvan Boldogh, Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Allan R. Brasier, Endocrinology
Dr. Antonella Casola, Pediatric Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Cornelis Elferink, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Dr. Roberto P. Garofalo, Pediatric CEIID
Dr. Alex Kurosky, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Joan Nichols, Research and Operations Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Johnny W. Peterson, Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Krishna Rajarathnam, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Satish K. Srivastava, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Sanjiv Sur, Allergy and Immunology
NHLBI Proteomics Center
Airway Inflammation Program
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