August 2022 Message from the Chair

Hello DOM Team, I guess that summer is winding down. New residents and fellows are gaining confidence in their new roles. New faculty are joining our ranks. A great time of year!

First, we have new leadership opportunities available. See below. Maybe one of these roles is right for you, maybe not. Our careers and our career interests evolve over time. Even if you are not interested (or qualified) for a new role today, a little bit of self-reflection is never a bad thing. This leads into my next item. Keep reading.

Second, we are entering that time of year when all of us meet with our bosses for annual reviews. Early in my career the idea of having an annual review made me nervous. Later, as a Division Chief my role changed. As I gained experience, I learned that reviews are truly a conversation: a chance for the leader to convey information about policies, performance, and priorities; a chance for the subordinate to communicate achievements, needs, and concerns. As a Chair I have also come to appreciate the pragmatic reasons for the annual review process. These meetings provide a bit of a “force function” in our workflow, making sure that all of us give and receive feedback. The review also forces all of us to think about what we achieved during the prior year and what we hope to achieve in the upcoming year.

Third, I want to sing the praises on the quantity and quality of research coming out of the Department. Our articles-of-the-week truly highlight the tremendous and wide-ranging scholarship coming out of our department

Finally, be sure to check out our new DOM communications. This includes a new website and a new DOM twitter feed.