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COVID-19 Statement

During COVID-19, our program’s top priorities were patient safety, resident safety, and resident wellness.  We have taken several tangible steps to protect our resident’s health and wellness during the pandemic:

  1. All staff at UTMB are required to mask upon entry to any campus building, including non-clinical areas.
  2. When community spread is medium or high risk, patients are required to mask upon entry into any UTMB facility.
  3. When community spread is medium or high risk, patients receive COVID-19 testing on admission and prior to invasive procedures.  Patients positive for COVID -19 are isolated in specific hospital locations.
  4. Residents care for COVID positive patients on the teaching services.  During orientation, all interns were FIT tested and trained on proper donning and doffing of PPE.
  5. As able, during COVID -19 surges, vacation time is protected to ensure resident wellness is maintained.  We have started a COVID lottery system, to assist with COVID surges in a way that is predictable for our residents. 
  6. Residents with a COVID-19 exposure or symptoms have access to rapid, expedited tested.  UTMB has clear protocols in place for isolation/return to work.
  7. Resident salaries have not been affected by COVID.

We have maintained our full educational curriculum during the pandemic.

Although COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on residency, we remain committed to educating and protecting our residents. Our program remains optimistic that wonderful physicians will emerge from this challenging time, fully prepared to care for their patients and to be leaders in medicine.