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Current Projects

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Current Quality Improvement Projects:

  1. Development of a quality improvement curriculum for Internal Medicine residents modeling the IHI open school. – C Clark, DO; MN Luna, MD
  2. Focused educational activity to reduce the use of routine chest radiograph in mechanically ventilated patients – G Sharma, MD
  3. Implementing a longitudinal quality and patient curriculum for the UTMB Medical Students – C Clark, DO; MN Luna, MD; S Quach, MD
  4. Improving the care transition of patients hospitalized with copd or chf exacerbation to reduce early readmission – C Clark, DO; G Sharma, MD; L Sonstein, MD
  5. Improving compliance with evidence based medicine management of patients hospitalized with copd exacerbation. – G Sharma, MD
  6. Improving discharge documentation for the core measures using a documentation reminder system. – L Sonstein, MD; G White, MD
  7. Improving DVT prophylaxis rates in hospitalized patients – G Sharma, MD; S Quach, MD; L Sonstein, MD
  8. Improving length of stay on the IM Ward Services – L Sonstein, MD
  9. Improving MICU throughput – G Sharma, MD
  10. Improving Patient Satisfaction in IM clinics using a provider communication tool (AVS) – C Clark, DO
  11. Improving pneumovax administration rates in the outpatient Internal Medicine and Geriatric Clinics – E. Hommel, MD; G Reep, MD; L Sonstein, MD
  12. Improving resident satisfaction and efficiency with the "Resident Admit Note" – L Sonstein, MD; G White, MD
  13. Improving Smoking Cessation rates in the IM Resident's clinic – C Clark, DO
  14. Improving the transition of care for patients on chronic Warfarin therapy – C Clark, DO; L Sonstein, MD
  15. Teaching quality improvement core knowledge to faculty and fellows using an interactive half day workshop – C Clark, DO; MN Luna, MD; L Sonstein, MD
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