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Welcome to the Department of Internal Medicine Research

William J Calhoun MD
Vice Chair for Research

The Department of Internal Medicine is actively involved in a variety of research efforts, from human clinical trials using innovative medications, to basic bench research directed towards discovering fundamental mechanisms of chronic disease. An important effort of Internal Medicine faculty is translational research, the application of cutting-edge science to clinical problems and their solutions (link to ITS website here).

In FY 2010, we had 94 awards, totaling about $25 million, about half of which was federal support. We increased research awards, and research expenditures, from FY 2009.

The Department supports a MultiDisciplinary Clinical Trials Office [CTO] jointly with the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences [OVS], directed by Dr Calhoun, and Managed by Lisa Nemeth Sweeny RN. It is staffed with clinical research nurses and clinical coordinators, has equipment and furnishings for patient interventions common in clinical trials, and occupies space on the third floor of the OVS building at 700 University Avenue. Stop by to see our facilties!

An important research initiative in our Department is the development of Interest Clusters. Our purpose for the Interest Clusters is to bring together clinicians, clinical scientists, and basic scientists who share interests in a disease or process, in order to facilitate new research opportunities.

If you would like more information or to become involved, please contact Dr. William Calhoun. Our web page is under active development. Stop by frequently to see the latest updates.

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