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UTMB Resident/Fellow Staff salaries effective July 1, 2017:

UTMB Resident/Fellow Staff LevelAnnual Salary

Medical Plan:

UTMB has competitive plans and currently offers coverage through BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD. The cost of this PPO plan is covered by UTMB for both residents and their families.

Dental Plan:

Two plans are currently offered. UTMB covers cost of resident premiums and family members can be added on with a small monthly fee.

Vision Plan:

Superior Vision Plan offered for a small monthly fee for residents and family members. Life Insurance: Basic Life Insurance is offered at no cost to the residents who participate in one of the UT medical plans. Increased coverage is available for a small monthly fee.


Long and short term disability insurance is offered at a small monthly fee.

Retirement Plans:

Competitive plans offered from a variety of companies to help jump start your savings for the future. Employee contribution is 6.65% of salary, with a state matching of 8.5% of salary after having met a 1 year and 1 day vesting period. Additional retirement plans are also offered with near 100% matching, but 5 year vesting period.


On average residents get about 3 weeks of vacation per year (vacation/ holiday days are accrued over time). Our residency offers a uniquely flexible vacation schedule. Residents are not restricted to taking one week block vacations and can spread them out as desired to create anything from long weekends to extended international trips back home. We also pride ourselves in being a family-friendly program that offers ample time off for maternity or paternity leave.

UTMB Benefits

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Our residency program takes great pride in our diverse resident population. We acquire the best residents from all over the globe, and offer excellent care to the community that we serve. At UTMB we are committed to training high-quality, successful physicians. Our residents maintain a balance between work and social activities. We promote camaraderie in our program, with frequent social activities.



What Residents say about the Program....

Judy TrieuWhen I first interviewed with UTMB, what stuck out was how well the residents got along and how they spoke of the larger department as a family. When Hurricane Harvey hit Galveston and we were practically living at UTMB as essential personnel, I had so much fun just being with my co-residents - I didn't even see it as "being stuck there". Throughout the years, the support from my co-residents, fellows, faculty, and administration has been tremendous. Through collaboration within the department and with other departments, I have been able to pursue all of my research interests and published multiple manuscripts. UTMB constantly pushes me to work harder and be a better physician for my patients while providing just enough support and encouragement.

Judy Trieu PGY 3


Bao NguyenWhat do you look for in a residency program? Superb training, great range of pathology, work-life balance, ample fellowship opportunities, clinical research, 100% fellowship match rate, high board passing rate, or new facilities? Luckily, we have them all. One other important aspect of the program that I value highly is the comradely working environment. Our residents are team players. We support each other and have fun at the same time. If I had to choose again, I would pick UTMB in a heartbeat!

Bao Nguyen PGY 3



Kevin KlineLooking for an internal medicine program is a very personal process. For me, what exactly I was looking for in a program wasn't immediately evident until after the interview season was over. Every institution it seemed had great pathology, notable faculty, research opportunities, and a good track record of fellowship match. Sitting in front of a computer, putting names next to numbers I prioritized a place where I would enjoy going to work every day. At UTMB, that means being in a place where your colleagues work to take the best care of not only their patients, but each other. A unique advantage of UTMB is the ability to tailor your experience in residency towards your eventual career goals. For me that meant not only having clinical and basic science research opportunities, but dedicated months to develop those projects and an open door policy with faculty mentors who helped me maximize my time at work. Moreover, it means the entire program from your co-residents to fellows to faculty to program leadership all personally invested in helping you achieve those goals. This has been a wonderful place to train. Even as a 3rd year, thanks to my fellow residents and the program, I still enjoy going to work every day.

Kevin Kline PGY 3


Tehmina Rafique KhowajaComing into residency, I did not fully know what to expect or how I would be able to transition my role as a medical student to a resident. My worry faded quickly as my confidence in practicing medicine, even as a PGY2, continues to grow. In this program, your peers, faculty, and staff are all family. You celebrate your accomplishments with them and lean on them when you need support. Patient care and advancement in your learning are priorities. I can not imagine being anywhere else!

Tehmina Khowaja PGY 2




 Nicole Sheung                   Abraham Lee

Welcome to UTMB! Our journey has led us from Indiana to Texas, but we could not be more thrilled to begin our careers as physicians at UTMB. As we progressed throughout the residency interview season last year, we both agreed that UTMB stood out from the rest. Not only is UTMB a large academic center with numerous opportunities to pursue fellowships, but it is also an excellent place to learn and grow as a physician. The faculty and residents do a great job of creating a supportive and friendly culture that fosters both education and camaraderie. In addition, we both felt that UTMB was very open to accepting couples into their program as we met several people that couples matched here just from our interview day. Overall, we could not be more happy to be at UTMB, and we are looking forward to the rest of our training here. We hope to see you here next year!

Abe Lee & Nicole Sheung  PGY 1 (couples match)


Jeyanthan SrikanthanA number of factors make a residency program outstanding and prepare you to become a good physician. UTMB is an academic medical center that provides excellent training and every opportunity to achieve your goals as a resident. What makes UTMB special are the people that you get to work with. Those around you go above and beyond in helping you succeed as a resident. Having the chance to work with faculty who are passionate about your training, fellows taking time out of their day to teach, upper levels willing to always answer a question or help assess a patient, or the camaraderie among fellow interns, you quickly realize that training at UTMB is a precious experience. After a few months at UTMB you understand that here "We rise by lifting each other", and I believe that is an essential quality for a residency program to have. All the best on the interview trail and I'm hopeful that it leads you to UTMB.

JR Srikanthan PGY 1


Joseph Patrik HornakWelcome to UTMB! Hopefully by now you are acquiring a sense of why this is a special place to train. For me, I was looking for a program that could blend academic internal medicine with low-key, helpful, friendly camaraderie in a setting that would allow an active lifestyle away from the hospital. UTMB has surely delivered on these aims. I am over a thousand miles away from home but quickly have developed a sense of belonging and pride here. The hospital is beautiful, the patient population diverse and challenging, the post-residency opportunities are impressive, and the faculty and the chief residents have impressed me with their dedication to the program. If you’re a sunshine, palm tress, and historic architecture person, Galveston is a great place to live! To leave work and be out in the surf within 10 minutes is pretty remarkable. Just as remarkable is the ability to be in the middle of one of the country’s biggest cities in under an hour. I love many things about this program, but it is the people who make it something special and that is why it was my #1 choice! Hopefully you enjoy UTMB, Galveston, and the residency trail. Follow your heart and good luck!

Patrik Hornak PGY 2


Marcondes, Felippe OttoniAs a medical student at UTMB, I had the opportunity to get to know the faculty, residents and staff in the Internal Medicine Department well. I got to know the program better than any other program I interviewed in. I am amazed at how committed the faculty, staff, and upperclassmen are in making sure I do well in residency and give me advice, answer my many questions, teach, and provide feedback. Everyone here has made me feel incredibly welcome! That welcoming feeling was especially reinforced as I noticed how helpful the residents were to each other, always available to answer questions from how to order things in EPIC to how to discharge/admit patients. Knowing that I can count on my co-residents for help has made for an incredible experience! The faculty also have been so great to work with because they are readily accessible and enjoy teaching. I am incredibly happy with my choice to stay at UTMB for residency! I would not trade it for anything! Residency is a tough journey no matter where one goes or what one does, but here at UTMB I made life-long friends and learned from fantastic, caring faculty. I hope you will get to know this program and have an incredible time doing so as I have.

Felippe Marcondes PGY 2


Suthar, Krishna HemantChoosing your residency rank list is a daunting task. There are so many things to consider - your career goals, your research interests, your family, your weather preferences, and so on. Most residencies you apply to will offer a set academic curriculum and provide you the clinical experience needed to become a competent clinician. However, it's imperative to find a program where you can truly thrive.

At UTMB, we see a diverse array of pathologies and patients from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Working within the TDCJ system provides every resident with such a unique opportunity to see less common pathologies or unique presentations of common pathologies.

However, what has made UTMB so special to me is the people. From the care managers to nurses to the house staff, everyone is willing to work together for the sake of patient care. Within our program, there is a true sense of camaraderie. Everyone puts their best foot forward to ensure patient care is delivered smoothly. Another aspect of UTMB that really drew me to this program is the diversity. Everyone in our program comes from a unique background, which enriches the overall program. But importantly, work is enjoyable because of the community we have. While the mornings can be early or days run longer than anticipated, I am always happy to come to work everyday because of my colleagues.
UTMB Internal Medicine has allowed me to thrive as a clinician and build enriching relationships with colleagues & mentors.
I wish you the best of luck through the Match!

Krishna Suthar PGY 2


Nicole Alicia ChristiansChoosing UTMB to complete my Internal Medicine residency was the best decision I could have made. The IM program truly feels like a giant family which creates a favorable environment to learn and progress your skills as a physician. I am honored to be a resident here!

Nicole Christians PGY2





Tambra, SarahUTMB was my first choice for internal medicine residency, and I couldn't be more pleased with how residency has turned out so far. Sure - the work is tough sometimes. There's a lot to learn and a lot of work to be done. But there is truly a mentality of "we're in this together" at this program, which makes the occasional hard time much more bearable. Everyone here is supportive of one another - we believe that we do better together. The team spirit extends from the faculty, who really place an emphasis on teaching, to the chief residents, who truly bend over backwards to keep everyone happy, down to residents who organize social events, cover each others shifts, and give each other tips and tricks for getting through it all. I'm proud to be a part of this program, and I would 100% make the choice to come here again.

Sarah Tambra PGY 2


Mathuran SundaramoorthyBeing from Canada I'm away from all of my family and friends that I grew up with. However this program not only offered me a residency spot where I can learn and become a fantastic physician with amazing opportunities that are limited only by my choosing, but it gave me a second family made of my colleagues and faculty. I have made life long friends here while still grinding my way through residency and they have made the toughest times during this journey some of the most memorable. Coming here was one of the best decisions I could have made. Could be the next best decision you make too!

Mathuran Sundaramoorthy PGY 3