BenefitsResidency Program

UTMB Resident/Fellow Staff salaries effective July 1, 2017:

UTMB Resident/Fellow Staff LevelAnnual Salary
PGY-1 $51,681
PGY-2 $53,432
PGY-3 $55,087
PGY-4 $57,545
PGY-5 $60,195
PGY-6 $62,357
PGY-7 $63,636
PGY-8 $67,371

Medical Plan:

UTMB has competitive plans and currently offers coverage through BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD. The cost of this PPO plan is covered by UTMB for both residents and their families.


Dental Plan:

Two plans are currently offered. UTMB covers cost of resident premiums and family members can be added on with a small monthly fee.


Vision Plan:

Superior Vision Plan offered for a small monthly fee for residents and family members.


Life Insurance:

Basic Life Insurance is offered at no cost to the residents who participate in one of the UT medical plans. Increased coverage is available for a small monthly fee.



Long and short term disability insurance is offered at a small monthly fee.


Retirement Plans:

Competitive plans offered from a variety of companies to help jump start your savings for the future. Employee contribution is 6.65% of salary, with a state matching of 8.5% of salary after having met a 1 year and 1 day vesting period. Additional retirement plans are also offered with near 100% matching, but 5 year vesting period.



On average residents get about 3 weeks of vacation per year (vacation/ holiday days are accrued over time). Our residency offers a uniquely flexible vacation schedule. Residents are not restricted to taking one week block vacations and can spread them out as desired to create anything from long weekends to extended international trips back home. We also pride ourselves in being a family-friendly program that offers ample time off for maternity or paternity leave.


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